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Welcome to the Saint-Gobain Brazil Portal. Below we present to you (the user) the Terms of Use and Navigation Conditions; document that lists the main rules that must be observed by everyone who accesses this site or uses its tools.

By visiting or using this site you confirm that you have read and agree with all the terms.

For the purposes of this document, the following definitions and descriptions should be considered for its better understanding:

SAINT-GOBAIN: SAINT-GOBAIN DO BRASIL PRODUTOS INDUSTRIAIS E PARA CONSTRUÇÃO LTDA., registered with the CNPJ under no. 61064838005364, with headquarters at Avenida Santa Marina, 482– 1º andar – Bairro Água Branca – CEP 0 in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Anti-Spam: System that prevents unwanted correspondence, such as mass advertising, by blocking the message or moving it to a specific folder.

Spider Application: Program developed to automatically retrieve information on the internet, surfing the web like a spider.

Layout: Comprises the appearance, design and flows of the Portal.

Link: Terminology for an internet address.

Logs: Records of user activity carried out on the Portal. Portal: Designates the electronic address www.saint-gobain.com.br and its subdomains.

Site: Name for internet pages.

Users: People who access or interact with the activities offered by the Portal through an access account.

Webmastering: Comprises the creation, programming, development, control and availability of internet pages.

1 - Access and Restrictions of features

1.1. Users are not permitted to access the programming areas of the Portal, its database or any other set of information that is part of the Webmastering activity, and any user who does so is subject to Brazilian criminal law and required to repair any damage caused.

1.2. Any reverse engineering, translation, decompiling, copying, modification, reproduction, renting, sublicensing, publishing, disclosure, transmitting, lending, distribution or any other misuse of the tools and functionalities of this Portal are not permitted or authorized.

1.3. The use of spider applications, or data mining applications of any sort or kind are forbidden on this Portal, as well as any other application not included here but acting in an automated fashion, to perform mass operations or for any other purposes, subject to the application of Brazilian criminal law and to the reparation of any damage that arises from such use.

1.4. It is the burden of the users to bear the means to navigate this Portal, including the requirements for access to the Internet.

1.5. Access to resources and site features may demand certain requirements, such as the provision of personal data or other data indicated by the display. If users do not agree the requirements, they must suspend navigation, under penalty of their activities being characterized as malfeasance.

2 – General information about the site and its features

2.1. This Portal is presented to the web audience in the manner that it is available and may undergo constant improvements and updates, with no obligation on the part of SAINT-GOBAIN to maintain a structure or layout, if not for their own convenience.

2.2. SAINT-GOBAIN shall make efforts for the continuous and permanent availability of the Portal, remaining subject, however, to extraordinary events such as natural disasters, failures or breakdowns in the central communications and Internet access systems or third party events that are outside their sphere of supervision and responsibility.

2.3. SAINT-GOBAIN is not responsible for any damage, injury or loss of equipment suffered by users caused by failures of the system, server or Internet connection, even if arising from the conduct of third parties, including by actions of malicious software such as viruses, trojan horses or others that could in any way damage the equipment or the connection of users as a result of accessing, using or browsing this Portal, as well as the transfer of data, files, images, text, audio or videos contained therein.

2.4. Users have no right to demand the availability of the Portal as best suits them, nor may they request compensation or reparation of damages in the event of this Portal being offline, regardless of the reason.

2.5. SAINT-GOBAIN is not responsible for the activities performed by users on its portal, and therefore each user is given responsibility in accordance with the quality of the platform use.

3 - SAINT-GOBAIN communication with users

3.1. The primary means of communication used by SAINT-GOBAIN to communicate with their users will be the email address provided during their interaction with the site, but other means may be used when properly provided.

3.1.1. Responsibility for the receipt of communications is exclusive to users, so it is essential that correct and accurate data is always provided to SAINT-GOBAIN, and that they are kept up to date.

3.1.2. It is equally under the jurisdiction of users to keep their anti-spam systems configured so that they do not interfere with the receipt of communications and materials from SAINT-GOBAIN, and this block or any similar filter is not accepted as an excuse for non-access to any email.

4 - Privacy of users on the Portal

4.1. Access to the site's content is open to any interested visitor, with no the need for prior registration or provision of any personal information or data.

4.2. Visitors may provide personal data on the "Contact" page, such as: name, last name, company name, phone number and email address. Saint-Gobain may use the visitor's email address to answer questions and comments as well as for sending periodical newsletters.

4.3. As a general rule, the personal information of visitors is not shared with anyone outside the Saint-Gobain Group. However, it may be shared with third parties for specific purposes, such as advertising and marketing agencies; Public and supervisory bodies, etc. or any other third parties in order to comply with the law, authorities, or in the event of administrative or judicial order.

5 – Obligations of the Portal

5.1. The SAINT-GOBAIN agrees with its users:

5.1.1. To maintain a safe virtual environment, except for in the event of destructive acts by third parties that goes beyond their committed efforts, in which case it will not be liable for any damages resulting from this harmful practice.

5.1.2. To preserve the functionality of the site, with no broken links, using a layout that respects usability and navigability, facilitating navigation whenever possible.

5.1.3. To display features in a clear, complete, precise and sufficient manner so that there is an accurate perception of the operations performed.

5.1.4. To ensure, through the state of available technology, the secrecy and confidentiality of the data contained in the features offered on its Portal, only being accessible to those that the user allows, apart from himself.

6 – Obligations of the users

6.1. Users agree to navigate the site with ethical integrity, always respecting the conditions that govern the use of the Portal.

6.2. By providing data and information to SAINT-GOBAIN, users agree to always do so with commitment to truth and authenticity, otherwise subject to the application of legal penalties, indemnification of those to whom the damage was caused, and exclusion of access to their account of this Portal.

6.3. In the event of damage to the Portal or to third parties, the person responsible undertakes to bear all obligations to compensate the injured party, with SAINT-GOBAIN not being responsible for responding to such losses.

6.4. Users must use this Portal's resources for the purposes that it was set up, otherwise subject to the application of legal penalties, indemnification of those to whom the damage was caused, and exclusion of access to their account of this Portal.

7 - Copyright and Intellectual Property of the Portal

7.1. Commercial use of the SAINT-GOBAIN brand as a trademark, trade name or domain name, in addition to the screen content of the Portal, as well as any programs, databases, networks and files are owned by SAINT-GOBAIN and are protected by international laws and treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents and industrial designs and models.

7.2. By accessing this portal, users declare that they will respect all intellectual property rights and those arising from the protection of trademarks, patents and/or industrial designs, deposited or registered on behalf of SAINT-GOBAIN, as well as all rights pertaining to third parties that may be or may have been available on the Portal in some form.

Simple access to the Website does not confer upon them any right to use the names, titles, words, phrases, trademarks, patents, literary works, artistic or literary-musical works, images, data or information, among others, that are or have been available on the site.

7.3. The reproduction of the content described above is prohibited, except with the prior written permission of SAINT-GOBAIN, unless it is intended for personal use only and under no circumstances will users acquire any right over them.

7.4. Only the making of temporary files from this Portal and its content is permitted, and their use is prohibited for commercial purposes, advertising or any other purpose contrary to the situation for which it was designed, as defined herein. The reproduction, distribution and disclosure, total or partial, of the texts, pictures or graphics that comprise this Portal without prior written consent of SAINT-GOBAIN is equally forbidden, with only the printing of copies for personal use and filing being permitted, without separating the parts that allow for faithful and true understanding of the content and objective.

7.5. Users assume any and all liability, of a civil and/or criminal character, for the improper use of the information, text, graphics, trademarks, works, or images of any and all intellectual property or industrial property rights of this Portal.

7.6. Any other use of authorized materials, including for editorial, commercial or advertising purposes, can only be done with prior and express consent of SAINT-GOBAIN. Users are aware, through this item, that unauthorized commercial use may incur civil and criminal offenses, for breaking copyright law.

7.7. Any reuse of authorized material must be subject to new authorization from SAINT-GOBAIN.

7.8. Authorization to use the material requested may not be transferred to third parties, even if they are for any reason linked to the authorized subject.

7.9. Any use not included in the said authorization shall be considered a violation of copyright law and subject to applicable sanctions of Law 9,610 of February 19, 1998, which protects copyrights in Brazil.

7.10. The use of the features offered will be in the form of provision of a service, not giving the user any right to the software used by SAINT-GOBAIN or its computer structures that support the internet applications.

7.11. The possible withdrawal of any content or features of this Portal, as a result of a complaint, should always be understood as a demonstration of our intention to avoid troubles and never as recognition of guilt or of any violation of any third party's rights by SAINT-GOBAIN.

7.12. Unless otherwise specified in the contract between the users and SAINT-GOBAIN, the former retain the copyright of the content that they already own when they send it to the Portal, such as, but not limited to, comments, videos, images, audio and messages, however, they grant an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, unrestricted, royalty-free license, not exclusive to reproduction, adaptation, modification, translation, publication, distribution or display on the Portal itself, enabling the best use of the tool or illustration of a product, service or activity offered by it.

8 – Features of the Saint-Gobain Portal

8.1. SAINT-GOBAIN reserves the right to delete or not to publish content uploaded by users at any time, without prior notice and with no right to compensation to anyone, which contains:

- Damage to the honor, image, reputation and dignity of others; - Pornography, pedophilia, and other sexual material; - Racism or discrimination of any nature; - Bullying, Stalking or any other kind of illegal harassment or embarrassment; - Violation of copyright or image rights; - Use of brands, symbols, logos or emblems of third parties; - Instigation or incitement to participate in crimes, such as trafficking or use of drugs, rape, murder, embezzlement, among others; - Use of violence spread of hatred or any other form of aggression against the physical well-being of a person.

8.2. Users can take advantage of the 'Contact' feature if they witness or find inappropriate content on the site.

8.2.1. The complaint will be confidential and will preserve the user's identity.

9 - Portal Saint-Gobain Customer Service

9.1. SAINT-GOBAIN will attend to users of its Portal through the "Contact" link or at the address sg.br-contatosite@saint-gobain.com

10 - Modifications of these Terms and Conditions

10.1. These Terms of Use and Navigation Conditions are subject to constant improvement and enhancement. Thus, SAINT-GOBAIN reserves the right to unilaterally modify this document and its Privacy Policy, at any time.

10.2. By using this Website and use its features, you agree to be guided by the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Saint-Gobain Portal and the Privacy Policy which are in effect on the date and, therefore, must accept them each time you visit this Portal.

11 - General Provisions

11.1. The tolerance of any breach of any of the terms and conditions of this instrument shall not constitute novation of the obligations stipulated herein, nor will it prevent or inhibit the enforceability of them at any time.

11.2. If any provision of these Terms of Use or Privacy Policy published on the Portal is deemed unenforceable or void, the remainder of both documents remains in effect without the need for legal action to declare this assertion.

11.3. This portal is based on official Brasilia time.

12 - Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

12.1. Terms and Conditions of Use described here are interpreted according to Brazilian law, in Portuguese, with the Court of the District of São Paulo in the state of São Paulo being elected to settle any dispute, question or supervening concern, expressly waiving any other, however privileged.

Update: June 30, 2015.

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