For more than 150 years, Norton, the globally recognized leading abrasive brand, has been offering a complete line of products designed to run any application at any requirement level. Leader in technology, Norton has established itself as a company at the forefront, always offering the best solutions to user demands. Every year, substantial investments are made into Research & Development, which help to generate innovative ideas aimed at revolutionizing abrasive processes. This strong commitment to innovation ensures that its products are always introduced to the market offering benefits and improvements to all customers.

Contact details

Rua João Zacharias, 342, Macedo
Guarulhos/SP – Brasil
CEP 07111-150


Products and services

  • Cutting and grinding discs
  • Diamond discs
  • Machinery for cutting floors, porcelain tiles and blocks, among other materials
  • Accessories (tapes, respiratory masks,protection goggles, brackets, steel brushes, rotary files)
  • Sandpapers
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