Saint-Gobain provides innovative solutions for building sustainable housing, both single and multiple family dwellings.

Saint-Gobain provides customers with its industrial expertise by developing, manufacturing, and selling a wide range of building materials designed to improve acoustic, thermal and aesthetic comfort in individual and multi-unit dwellings, while incorporating energy efficiency and functional qualities.

Saint-Gobain's strategy for this market relates to the future habitat, which respects all dimensions of comfort. Everybody wants to enjoy a sense of well-being in their own home, to feel safe, comfortable and protected from the impacts of the outside world. To meet this demand, Saint-Gobain provides, for example, aesthetic solutions (colored mortars, fabrics that can be painted, etc.), light management and acoustic comfort (ceilings and plasterboards).

Quick, clean and sustainable construction within everyone's reach

Saint-Gobain has launched a dry construction system in Brazil, with Brasilit, Placo, Isover and Weber products that do not require water at the construction site. Quick, clean, sustainable and affordable, it is suitable for all types of construction and was first used in social housing scheme Minha Casa, Minha Vida, in Ponta Grossa/PR.

High-end standard residences: aesthetics, comfort and sustainability

On the works of a high-end residence in Rio de Janeiro/RJ, all the Saint-Gobain's materials are highlighted: intelligent glass (which is able to regulate and filter temperature and is self-cleaning), Placo drywall (light material, with high acoustic performance), Isover acoustic insulation, Brasilit cement sheets, applied to a steel-frame structure. These materials have improved the time of work and provided greater sustainability to the project. According to the architect of the project, the use of drywall was the best solution to align and replace the existing walls without placing a large load on them and on the structures. Another factor in the choice is the excellent acoustic performance and finishing that the drywall allows.

Habitat is any place of coexistence, including a boat

Saint-Gobain Glass supplied the glass that was used for the staircase that decorates the interior of the yacht, Hemisphere 140, manufactured by MCP Consultoria e Engenharia Naval, and considered the largest boat ever built of aluminum in Latin America. The spiral staircase is made of glass and stainless steel, with a self-supporting system, in which each plate of glass is supported by another. The project provides lightness to the environment thanks to SGG MASTER-CARRÉ®, glass with LED lights, which increases the luminosity of the steps and raises the ladder to the level of a luxury item.

Our Products Family

Coverings and industrialized construction

Brasilit is a national reference in the building construction sector and is recognized for its quality solutions for roofing, water storage and indust

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Thermal and acoustic insulation

Isover is a manufacturer of thermal and acoustic insulation for the construction industry and for the technical and industrial markets.

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Dry constructive solutions (drywall)

Placo do Brasil provides dry constructive solutions (drywall) for walls, linings and interior finishing, producing light systems for fast installat

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Mortars and grouts

Weber, a quartzolit products manufacturer, is a world leader in the production of industrialized mortars and offers a variety of solutions using the m


The Habitat Network, developed by Cebrace - the largest glass and mirror manufacturer in South America - offers a line of solar protection glazing

Printed glasses

Saint-Gobain Glass produces printed glass for the construction, decoration and furniture markets.

Techinical fabrics for construction

Adfors is a world leader in the manufacture of glass yarn, woven and non-woven technical materials for construction, with a full range of technology f

Abrasive solutions

Carborundum, Norton and Winter are leading companies in abrasive solutions and have a range of products developed for perfect application in the const

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Pipes, fittings and accessories

Manufacturer of pipes and fittings for sanitation, Saint-Gobain Canalização produces and sells recyclable and durable systems for the complete water c

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