Saint-Gobain solutions are used in civil engineering projects on a large-scale and in infrastructure, because of their high added value and high level of technical content.

The civil engineering and infrastructure markets offer significant growth prospects given the rapid development of urbanization and the difficulties of access to drinking water experienced by a large part of the world’s population, especially in emerging countries.

The Group provides a wide range of specific products and solutions to these markets: glazed facades and fire-resistant glass for large architectural projects; strengthening networks for transport infrastructures; adhesives and grouts for ceramic tiles; mortar for floors and products to decorate, protect and isolate facades of public and industrial buildings.

Saint-Gobain also designs and sells complete solutions for the water cycle: ductile iron pipe systems, industrial valves and fire hydrants, parts for stormwater collection and evacuation systems.

Saint-Gobain gets in the game

Saint-Gobain entered the field with the World Cup 2014, in Brazil. Saint-Gobain’s innovative and sustainable solutions were used at the 16 stadiums of the Cup.

The Maracanã Arena is the symbol of this partnership, with products from all of the Saint-Gobain companies active in the building construction sector: cement boards, steel frame components, roofing tiles and masterboard panels from Brasilit; grinding wheels, machines and abrasives strips; ductile iron building systems to collect and remove stormwater and wastewater, and ductile iron municipal castings from Saint-Gobain Canalização; SHEERFILL® Architectural Membrane products for the stadium roof cover, from Performance Plastics; thermal and acoustic insulation for partitions, roofs and air conditioning systems, and acoustic panels from Isover; walls and liners in Placo drywall; mortar, waterproofing products, wet concrete and facade solutions from Weber, quartzolit products.

Water for 2 million people in Pernambuco

One of the largest integrated water supply systems in the world, the Agreste pipeline will take water from the São Francisco River to 68 municipalities and 80 districts and towns in Agreste, Pernambucano. This project, divided into three stages, totals 1,300 km. For the first stage of the work, Saint-Gobain Canalização has signed contracts for the delivery of 104,000 tons of pipe, with diameters from 50 to 1200mm, equivalent to 344 km of length.

Flexibility and resistance for the airport infrastructure

The new Terminal 3 of the Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo/SP, used several Weber Quartzolit solutions, in its construction: almost 3,000 tons of multimass quartzolit (mortar ready for fixing and coating) and 1,000 tons of supergraute quartzolit (fluid concrete of high initial and final strength, ready to go), high-performance products that provide the resistance required for sites with large turnover. In addition to structural solutions, Weber has supplied products for a base preparation with chapix PVA quartzolit and rolled roughcast quartzolit.

More safety on the road

An exclusive product of the Adfors brand, GlasGrid® was used as a pavement reinforcement in the doubling works of Highway SP-340, which interconnects the cities of Jundiaí and Itatiba within the state of São Paulo.

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