Saint-Gobain Group

Saint-Gobain, the worldwide leader in sustainable habitat solutions, designs, manufactures and distributes building materials and high-performance materials, providing innovative solutions to the challenges of growth, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Improving our habitat and our everyday life

  • Sustainable construction

    Saint-Gobain has made the strategic decision to become the reference in sustainable habitat and construction markets. Taking a long-term view, the Group develops products and services for its customers that facilitate sustainable construction. In this way, it designs innovative and high-performance solutions that improve habitat and everyday life.

  • An international challenge

    Investing in solutions for the habitat is one of the major challenges facing both the most mature economies and fast-growing economies. Governments around the world are adopting policies to improve housing conditions and at the same time, reduce energy consumption in the building sector.

”The strategic positioning of Saint-Gobain in the habitat and construction markets means we must be irreproachable when it comes to environmental issues and sustainable development.”

Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and CEO

Houses and buildings in industrialized countries represent*
  • Leading-edge High-Performance Materials

    The High-Performance Materials activity provides high added-value solutions for different complex applications in construction and in industry.

    Its in-depth expertise in a range of technologies allows the Group to get the most out of the complementary nature of its three families of materials (high-performance polymers and glass fiber yarns).

    As a result, Saint-Gobain can design solutions to meet customers’ specific needs, often in industrial niches that are well suited to co-development strategies.

A unique positioning

  • Saint-Gobain is the world leader in solutions for the sustainable habitat and high-performance materials, with more than 171,000 employees and operating in 68 countries. With a unique global positioning, its unrivalled portfolio offers local solutions tailored to the needs of each market.

  • This is only possible because Saint-Gobain is in daily contact with its customers, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs.

  • Saint-Gobain’s ability to constantly innovate is supported by its unique expertise in industrial and distribution processes, as well as in the research and development of materials.

  • Its culture of operational excellence allows Saint-Gobain to respond quickly to a constantly evolving economic environment.

  • Saint-Gobain firmly maintains a solid set of values that helps the Group to build lasting relationships with all of its stakeholders.

A group attuned to the markets

Saint-Gobain has internal organizations in 38 countries that connect and coordinate the different brands of the Group, aiming to develop a complete and cross-functional range of solutions for construction and renovation.

These organizations foster dialogue among the teams involved in research and marketing and help to implement transversal projects between activities. The number of cross-business innovation projects is on the rise, strengthened by Saint-Gobain’s culture of partnership and co-development with customers and external partners. The Group also keeps a close eye on new markets through Nova External Venturing, a unit dedicated to external innovation and responsible for relationships with start-ups. In addition, Saint-Gobain has numerous partnerships with scientific and academic institutions.

Leader in sustainable habitat

Saint-Gobain is a world leader in the sustainable habitat and construction markets with operations in 68 countries and a total of 170 thousand employees.


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