Saint-Gobain Research Brasil

Brazil hosts the first Research & Development center of Saint-Gobain in the Southern Hemisphere.


This research group is dedicated to the Building Physics and development of Building construction systems. It includes studies on energy efficiency, environmental impact and user comfort, and integrates specific aspects such as availability of raw materials, the specific features of applicators and installers, compliance with technical standards, and consumer and market requirements.

Evaluation: thermal, acoustic and visual comfort and indoor air quality.

Building systems laboratory: performs thermal shock tests, determines mechanical strength and fire resistance or impermeability, complying with the standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).


The research on Material Science seeks to understand and improve the properties, behavior and applications of the Saint-Gobain products that serve various markets such as heavy and manufacturing industry, medical, automotive, steel, oil and gas, aerospace, electronics, and more.

Materials studied: glass, abrasive grains, polymers, mineral binders and aggregates, and recycled materials.

Analytical laboratory: identifies the chemical composition of the materials, their structures and physical properties, etc.

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